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01/03/2023 3 Alarm Fire 933 SW Clay ST.01/03/2023-2,  Residential Fire 8116 SW 14th AVE01/12/2023 Lateral Firefighter Training01/15/2023 Residential Fire 8502 N Seward AVE01/23/2023  Residential Fire 7028 SE 86th Ave01/30/2023  Residential Fire  4034 N. Mississippi Ave01/31/2023  Ship/Marine Fire  800 N River ST.02/08/2023 Lateral Firefighter Extraction Training02/09/2023 Commercial Fire 2710 NW Industrial ST.02/10/2023  Barge Launch,  NW Portland02/14/2023 Traffic Accident W Burnside & NW Barnes RD02/15/2023  Gresham Fire Memorial Service02/19/2023 A,  3:21 PM Commercial Fire 136 NW 9th Ave.02/19/2023 Commercial Fire 7715 NE 21st Ave02/21/2023 Traffic Collision NW Yeon & NW 35th Ave03/12/2023  Commercial Fire  9120 NE Alderwood RD03/24/2023 MVA car off road into a tree,  4101 NW Skyline Blvd03/29/2023 Heavy Extrication Drill at Station 203/29/2023B Residential Fire  8715 NE Clackamas St.03/30/2023 2nd Alarm House Fire 10409 NW Burkhard CT.04/06/2023 2nd Alarm Commercial Fire 711 NE 100th Ave04/19/2023 Commercial Fire 7421 N Denver Ave.04/20/2023  MVA/Rollover W. Burnside near Tichner DR.04/23/2023 RV/Vehicle Fire NW 30th & Industrial ST.04/26/2023  Traffic Collision,  140 NW 14th Ave04/29/2023 Morrison Apt. Fire,  1959 SW Morrison St.05/08/2023 Apartment Fire 2414 SE 143rd Ave05/16/2023  4 Alarm Apartment Fire  1410 SW Taylor St.05/18/2023 Commercial Fire 5480 NE 36th Ave05/25/2023 Ceremony of Honor @ University of Portland Auditorium05/25/2023 Residential Fire  11448 NE Fargo ST.05/30/2023  2nd Alarm Commercial Fire 2710 NW Industrial ST.06/02/2023  Commercial Fire  2350 SW Multnomah Blvd.06/03/2023  Portland Starlight Parade,  downtown Portland.06/08/2023 Rose fest Ships while on FB2106/10/2023 Portland Grand Floral Parade06/12/2023 New Electric Engine Push - In Ceremony06/18/2023 House Fire  111 NE Killingsworth ST.06/23/2023  Commercial Fire w/car in to building, 2005 NE MLK Blvd.06/26/2023 The David Campbell Memorial Service06/29/2023 Residential Fire 4014 NE 65th Ave07/01/2023  8:06 PM  Commercial Fire, 534 SW 3rd Ave07/01/2023 11:00 PM,  Residential Fire, 36 N. Thompson St.07/03/2023  Brush Fire  N. Russell & N. Kerby Ave.07/04/2023  Residential Fire  525 N. Simpson St.07/05/2023  Residential Fire  617 NE Halsey St.07/09/2023  Commercial Fire  2130 SW Jefferson St.07/13/2023 Expanded Traffic Collision, 3600 N. Williams Ave.07/15/2023  Vegetation Fire  6400 NW Saltzman Road07/17/2023  3 Alarm Residential Fire  523 SE 35th Ave07/19/2023 A,   Commercial Fire 12350 NE Sandy Blvd.07/19/2023 B,  Sara Boone's Retirement Ceremony07/24/23  MVA / Rope Rescue, West Burnside near NW Hermosa Blvd07/30/2023 Commercial Fire  5140 N Channel Ave.08/07/2023  2nd Alarm Commercial Fire  9333 N. Harborgate St.08/09/2023  Semi Rollover on I405 NB, to NW St. Helens RD08/13/2023  Residential Fire 5032 N Montana Ave.08/14/2023  2nd Alarm Residential Fire08/15/2023 Commercial Fire  5750 NE Lombard ST08/19/2023  Special  OHSTAR Additional Photos ****08/19/2023 Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue08/23/2023  2nd Alarm Commercial Fire  6825 NE 42nd Ave.08/25/2023  Residential Fire 5355 NW Rubicon Lane08/25/2023 B,  Residential Fire  7036 N Leonard ST.08/28/2023  MVA Accident at 11649 NW Germantown RD08/28/2023 A,  Residential Fire 1405 NE 52nd Ave. + Dog Rescue09/02/2023  Car Fire  NW King Ave & W. Burnside St.09/05/2023  Station 2, Live Fire Training,  Cars and Buildings09/07/2023  Station 2, Training Class - Extracation09/09/2023 Men's Basketball & Women's 9/11,  110 flights of Stairs09/11/2023 A,  9/11 ceremony at Station 109/11/2023 B,  Hay/Barn Fire NE 33rd & Marine Dr. Help from Airport Crash Truck10/01/2023  Apartment Fire 619 SE 122nd Ave.10/07/2023  Portland Airport Fire Rescue @ Portland International Airport10/08/2023 Commercial Fire  715 SW 15th Ave10/13/2023  Apt. Fire  12025 SE Pine St.10/15/2023  OHSU Tram Rescue Training Drill10/21/2023  Condo Fire 231 N Hayden Bay Drive10/23/2023 Residential Fire  3324 NE 29th Ave.10/24/2023  Residential Fire 6142 SW Wilbard St.10/28/2023 Residential Fire  1541 SW Market ST.10/31/2023 A,  Residential Fire  11915 NE Couch St.10/31/2023 B,  Tech Rescue Academy Class11/08/2023  Apartment Fire  2734 SE 29th Ave11/09/2023  Residential Fire  2500 N. Williams Ave11/17/2023 Fundraiser @ Winterhawks Hockey Game11/22/2023 Car into Building caught Fire sending 3 to the Hospital11/26/2023  Residential Fire  1503 N. Hayden Island DR. # 9212/12/12 B,  Commercial Fire 1403 SE Water Ave.12/24/2023 2nd Alarm House Fire - 225 Creekside TER, Fairview, OR.